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Arrival Instructions

These are instructions regarding your arrival in Christina Estate-Tsagarada. If you find any difficulty, after arriving at Tsagarada Village, you may always park at one of the points on the attached map an give me a call to come and pick you up.


To arrive in Christina Estate pls use your GPS (Google Drive) in two steps:

  1. Your first destination you put in GPS should be Agria village. Coming from either Athens or Thessaloniki, you will exit the National Road in Velestino junction. You will be then in the Peripheral road of Volos, and you will drive  towards Agria village.

  2. After you arrive in Agria, then you put as destination the Amanita Hotel in Tsagarada. Christina Estate is about 100 meters after Amanita hotel, on your right


BE CAREFUL: DO NOT put Amanita as destination from the beginning, as Google Drive will drive you through the wrong road!  It is imperative to use the above 2-step approach!


After entering Tsagarada, you can reach Christina Estate very easily with the following Video: . Open it as soon as you see the sign "Tsagarada" (village entrance) and follow the route in real time. It shows the entire drive in real time (12 minutes), and will lead you to the entrance door of the estate.


If you cannot use the video, use the attached map and drive towards point 1 on the map, towards Agia Paraskevi square and turn right at the junction. You pass the Municipality building (point 2) and drive to point 3, where there is a small church of St George to your right and a very steep left turn on your left. (point 3). There you turn right, pass the church and in the first junction you turn right. You pass Amanita Hotel to your right (point 4)and follow the road until you reach a right openig with an iron door entering Chtistina Estate.


If you are lost or have any doubt, pls call me.


Wish you a nice trip!


Best regards



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